So many of us have a tendency to run late for appointments. Whether youre heading to your computer for a video chat or youre running out the door to meet up with friends, youre likely running because youre tardy. When youre scrambling to figure out whats going on, how your hair looks, if you have the correct shoes, whether or not your notebook for your meeting is in your bag, your phone or tablet may be dead. The last thing you need when youre running late is to show up with a device and charge that wont last. Thats why you need to bring along a power bank. Having a power bank in your bag or pocket will help you charge your devices when you may have forgotten to previously. It also help you extend the life of your batteries if youre out all day and wont be near an outlet. Not all power banks are the same, so weve got the scoop on the best ones. See our picks below for the best power banks on the market.